Aerospace Fabrication

Are you searching for a specialist engineering company who can provide expert Aerospace Fabrication and Machining? At Oldham Engineering, we have a great amount of skill when it comes to the Fabrication, Tooling and Machining of Aerospace equipment and components; and we’ve had the pleasure of working on a number of projects within the industry – constructing Aerospace Jigs and Fixtures, Aerospace Aluminium Machining and much more.

Our Complex Engineering Capabilities

With a floor space of 80,000 square feet, and extensive machining & fabrication knowledge, we are experts within manufacturing and fabrication for the Aerospace, Nuclear, Offshore and Defence industries. As a business, we have a great amount of experience in manufacturing at all levels; with the latest equipment – including Large CNC Machining and Precision Machining, coupled with our expert engineers, we offer the complete selection of engineering services. From Nuclear Manufacturing and Aerospace assembly fixtures, to Subsea Bespoke Fabrication and Turnkey Complex Assemblies, we specialise in all sizes and types of engineering fabrication & mechanical assembly projects.

We are confident that we will meet your needs, and provide you with a number of high level skilled personnel and processes, to deliver the best results. Our skilled personnel ensure a high level quality control in all areas of welding. We offer full material traceability, with comprehensive life time records (LTR) for all manufacturing processes and materials.

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