The best engineered solutions across the United Kingdom

Every sector across the engineering industry requires quality materials and solutions that are often bespoke or limited, in their general production. At Oldham Engineering, we have made our reputation across the United Kingdom in creating engineering solutions for our broad range of customers.

The options open to you at Oldham Engineering will ensure that your project can be managed effectively and continuously, without hesitation. Everything we produce, from complete turnkey engineering solutions and light machining all the way through to heavy machining and bespoke fabrication, will be built with quality at the forefront of it.

Our batch fabrication techniques ensure that every engineered product we produce is created with accuracy, precision and quality at its very core. We’ve been tasked to supply a wide range of products for our customers all over the UK from an array of industries.

We’re not only agile to cope with any engineered solutions that your project demands but anything it may need. Our divisions in complex assembly and our involvement with many industries across the UK ensure that we stay ahead of the ever-evolving engineering landscape.

Whether you’re in the nuclear decommissioning engineering, offshore, general engineering or construction industries; our engineering solutions can help you. To find out more about our services and how they can help you, get in touch with us today.