Bogie Systems

Bogie systems are structures used in the rail and nuclear industries. They are nuclear industry bespoke fabrications and include nuclear large machining Oldham Engineering is a leading provider of large precision machining based in the North of England that has sites in Oldham and Sheffield and vast experience when it comes to making and supplying bogie systems. The company is home to industry-leading professionals and has ISO 9001 certification. Having been awarded the ‘Investors in People’ award, the team can be trusted to deliver the innovative excellence and first-class customer service that you require. You’re more than welcome to contact Oldham Engineering at any point if you do have any queries about what they can do for you, so why not drop them a line today?

The Solutions You Require

Look no further than Oldham Engineering if you’re looking for manufacturers of robust bogie systems that won’t let you down. Oldham Engineering has certified welding to the American Welding Society Standard, ASME IX & AWS D1.1.1. You can find the team on social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. The company has provided solutions for a number of nuclear manufacturing projects and defence engineering projects and is also a Turnkey Engineering Solutions provider specialist. Why not look more closely at what they have to offer today?