Box Transfers

Are you looking for a company that is capable of manufacturing a box transfer bogies? Oldham Engineering have experience with manufacturing quality box transfer bogies and so you can be confident that they can produce a box transfer bogie for you.
Creating a box transfer that operates smoothly and is expertly designed, constructed and tested is certainly a difficult job, but for Oldham Engineering they have the resources, experts and facilities to create good quality box transfers for the nuclear industry.

Oldham Engineering is one of only a handful of companies in the Nuclear Industry sector who is recognised as a key supplier to the market. Oldham Engineering work with clients in both Nuclear Decommissioning and New Build projects, they have excellent experience at meeting the stringent and demanding quality assurance regimes required by the industry. Oldham Engineering is an associate member of the Nuclear AMRC and has invested in the latest machine tool technology and inspection equipment to ensure that it will continue to supply premium products to the Nuclear industry sector. Oldham Engineering is also committed to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) supply chain charter.

Oldham Engineering operate from two UK manufacturing sites which are based in Oldham and Sheffield. The company has premium engineering facilities totalling to around 150,000 sqft.
Oldham Engineering are globally known suppliers to the Defence and Nuclear industries, but they’re also expert in Turnkey Project Management. Their unique business provides in-house Coded Fabrication, Medium-Heavy CNC Machining and Complex Assembly & Testing.