Choose Our Lead Lined Nuclear Expertise For Your Project

Nuclear production lines are one of the most highly fraught in the world due to the dangers of improper use or construction. It only takes one wrong move in the engineering and production stage to see lives and projects endangered forever. The idea of trusting a team to devolve this responsibility to will prompt a number of questions and concerns about the verifiable quality of their work. At Oldham Engineering we have been a key engineering company in the nuclear world and come equipped with over a century of engineering experience.

Our lead lined nuclear services at Oldham Engineering are trusted and called upon for a vast array of applications. From new build projects which rely on creating the ideal foundation of safety and quality through to our nuclear decommissioning work, lead lined nuclear products from our professionals will be created with your budget, needs and requirements taken into account.

Why trust our team at Oldham Engineering?

While we can tell you all about how we have created bespoke nuclear products for a variety of applications across the world, it is important that you trust us for our accreditations firstly. We are part of the Supply Chain Charter For Nuclear Decommissioning Sites Signatory and we are committed to following the Nuclear AMRC.

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