Choose our professional Heavy Fabrication services

If your company is looking to invest in the creation of new products, you will want to put your faith in an engineering company that is doing that exact thing with machinery. We’re constantly upgrading our large machining tools to ensure that everything we do utilises the height of technology.

At Oldham Engineering, our heavy fabrication is trusted across many sectors to provide bespoke fabrication and machined products made from the strongest materials with the most accurate finish. Heavy fabrication involves the use of our most highly-developed CNC machines, including vertical borers, horizontal borers and floor borers as well as a machining centre.

We understand that the world market is constantly evolving to accommodate to the needs highly specialist sectors. That’s why we, and our machines, cannot stand still for a second. We call upon the latest and best heavy fabrication machining because that’s what our customers trust us for. Our ability to use the same factory space for both heavy fabrication and machining means we can shave off time from the process in one swoop.

Choose from our wide range of services such as: batch fabrication, batch machining, bespoke fabrication, complex bespoke engineering and turnkey complex assemblies.

If you’re wondering how you could benefit from our professional fabrication techniques, speak to our team today.