Why choose us to create professional Aerospace Jigs

Any construction of machinery must be done with absolute accuracy and assured competency. Mistakes in the aerospace field are crucial and can have serious repercussions both for people and finances. At Oldham Engineering, we’ve been helping aviation companies to build new parts and machines with our aerospace jigs and fixtures.

Used across the world for a wide range of processes, jigs come in many different sizes and are integral to the forming of important aviation parts. Our jigs are created to befit the nature of the companies that we serve. Whether that’s to manufacture small parts with intricate designs or it’s to create large-scale machinery, our jigs will ensure every cut and mark can made accurately.

We create our jigs using a combination of our 150 years of engineering experience and our ability to turn our hand to new and innovative product lines. It can be similarly said for the aerospace transportation industry which, in the time we’ve been an engineering force, has evolved into a world-spanning multi-billion pound sector.

Choosing our team for aerospace jigs means that you can have every requirement adhered to. Our footing in batch fabrication, defence engineering and nuclear decommissioning engineering, heavy fabrication and large machining, and the assembly of complex products makes us the ideal choice.

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