Choose Us For CNC Machined Components In The UK

Achieving the best in your industry will be a constant battle. Whether you are creating bespoke products for your customers or trying to find a niche engineering solution in your sector, it is vital that you have the support of a professional team.

At Oldham Engineering Limited we have gained a reputation throughout our 150 years in the engineering world. In this time, we have adjusted our services to cover everything that our repeat and one-off clients require.

We are selected for machined components and we have become a leading provider of these elements for a number of years. Precision machining from our experts at Oldham Engineering Limited is led by some of the best machinery in the engineering world.

What kind of machined components can we produce from our UK base?

You will be trusting a team of experts who have gained years of experience in the world of machined components. This is aided by our array of CNC machinery which can be changed and altered to suit the specific needs of our clients. Whether you need a bespoke machined component created for you once or a component mass produced, our team can help you.

By choosing Oldham Engineering Limited you will get the best support for your engineering and machining requirements.

To discover more about our work and how it can be suited to your needs, get in contact with us today.