CNC Floor Boring

Are you looking for a company who can provide precision engineering and complete high integrity fabrication projects within their own large coded fabrication facilities? Whether you’re searching for coded welders or CNC Floor Boring capabilities, you can rely on us, here at Oldham Engineering.

We can provide quality manufacturing for a wide range of industries across the globe. We have the ability to manufacture a variety of projects including Bogie Systems, Gamma Gates, Encast Structures, Nuclear Containment Boxes, Skid Units, Nuclear Shield Hatches and Large Turnkey Projects. With our ability to provide complex bespoke engineering, we are can provide a variety of high integrity fabrications in house, using our large CNC machining capabilities including CNC Floor Boring, Horizontal Boring, Milling and Turning – all being factory assesses and tested (FAT).

When you require quality CNC Floor Boring, we are more than comfortable with supporting you with our qualified personnel and our high quality boring machines. We’ve been actively involved in supplying engineering services to the nuclear industry for some time now, becoming one of the most trusted nuclear manufacturing companies across the UK.

We work with clients engineering components both in Nuclear Decommissioning and New Build projects, and because we are an associate member of the NAMRC, we have the latest machine tool technology and equipment on the market.