Complex Assembly

In addition to manufacturing components to client specifications, Oldham Engineering has the ability to assemble complex products using our experienced and highly skilled fitters in our 30,000sqft Assembly bay.

Oldham Engineering undertake all types of Complex Assembly, from mechanical to electrical, pneumatic to hydraulic.

This value-adding activity is extremely beneficial for prototype construction as it means that issues in design, manufacturing or assembly can be identified and resolved before the product is dispatched from Oldham’s premises.

Not only does this activity save on costs such as transportation; the largest single benefit is typically a significant lead time reduction for a turnkey supplied item.

In addition to prototype construction benefits, Oldham Engineering’s Complex Assembly division offers a significant benefit for batch produced and repeating products, in that Oldham can assemble and test to client’s requirements and dispatch to the client’s desired location.

This allows the client to consider taking on large projects that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to fit in their premises and/or they haven’t got the resource or capacity to complete internally themselves. Increasingly, more clients are using this Oldham Engineering service as it opens new doors and markets for them.

Below are a few examples of Complex Assemblies undertaken by Oldham Engineering:

Complex Assembly Testing

To complement Oldham Engineering’s Complex Assembly services, we often design and construct test equipment to simulate the intended application/installation of the assembled product.

We have the experience to conduct all types of testing, including;

  • Static and Dynamic Testing
  • Pressure Testing:
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic
  • Cyclic and Fatigue Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Operational simulation Testing