Defence Vehicles

Defence vehicles need to be reliable, strong, sturdy and durable. When you require such quality defence vehicles then it is important to use a company that has the space, resources and expertise to produce the best results for you. By using Oldham Engineering Limited you can be confident in their ability to both design and build effective defence vehicles.

Oldham Engineering Limited (OEL) have produced a number of vehicles to the defence industry, all of which varying in size. With their great amount of knowledge and success in the defence industry, OEL are extremely reputable on a global basis. For many countries OEL has become the first name and solution in terms of Defence. From the manufacture of prototypes through to mature production scenarios, fast inspection and repair facilities, OEL offer a complete service and solution for today’s supply chain. Whether you require Defence vehicles, Ship Motor Base, Weapons Trainers, Munitions Lift Platform or Load Bar Assemblies, OEL will be more than capable of meeting your needs. Being a registered member of the Northern Defence Industries aka NDI, OEL have high standards to meet with every project.

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