Oldham Engineering Ltd is 100% committed to delivering world class solutions for defence customers through every phase of the product life cycle. From rapid manufacture of prototypes through to mature production scenarios and fast inspection and repair facilities, we offer the complete solution that is demanded in today’s supply chain.

Experienced in both manufacture for land based systems as well as sea based systems, Oldham Engineering Ltd’s expertise is world leading.

Supply chain management is a vital part of today’s manufacturing environment, and for our larger defence customers we can also handle complete supply chain management, delivering not only products that we manufacture ourselves, but also delivering products that we procure on behalf of our customers. Oldham Engineering Ltd delivers a completely integrated supply solution! We are a registered member of the NDI (National Defence Institute).


Ship Motor Base

OEL have manufactured Ships Motor Bases for the Defence Industry

OEL Defence Ships Motor Base

Defence Vehicles

OEL have manufactured Vehicles for the Defence Industry

Defence Vehicles

Weapons Trainer

Since 2009, Oldham Engineering has manufactured a number of F-35 Weapons Loading training units, as shown below.


Munitions Lift Platform

Oldham Engineering has supplied batch fabrications and large/heavy fabricated Munition Lift Platforms for the Defence Industry, as shown below.


Load Bar Assemblies

Oldham Engineering has manufactured and assembled in excess of twenty Load Bars, for use in the Defence Industry as shown below. The Load Bar assemblies were around 1m long and 175mm in diameter and involved precision complex components with tight tolerances.