Discover Our Ability To Perform Turnkey Engineering Projects

A large-scale project in the UK, or across the world, requires the latest in engineering technology, experience and the best equipment. Therefore, some engineering techniques have to be devolved to professional teams that understand your industry.

At Oldham Engineering, our turnkey engineering projects are trusted across a wide range of industries for the most thorough and exceptional service. Not only are our facilities top-class and enable us to perform a huge range of tasks, but we’re able to accommodate to the smallest projects as well as the largest nuclear tasks.

As a company based in the UK providing professional turnkey engineering solutions and projects for a spectrum of customers, we understand that absolute accuracy is expected of us every single time. From the planning stages, the construction and assembly to inspections, testing and identification, our team will make sure to cover all bases.

Companies choose Oldham Engineering for a vast selection of tasks, such as: batch machining / fabrication, large precision machining, large turnkey projects, oil and gas turnkey solutions, subsea turnkey solutions, turnkey complex assemblies and even nuclear turnkey solutions.

We’re trusted across many industries and companies that put their faith in our exceptional project management and delivery, no matter the scale.

To find out more about our team at Oldham Engineering and how we can help you, speak to us today.