Discover More About Our Aerospace Machining In The UK

Aerospace concerns aircraft and spacecraft – two very important and difficult industries to supply for. The intense atmospheric pressure, temperature change and conditions that are faced by any crafts that take to the skies or into space make engineering for it fraught with difficulties.

At Oldham Engineering we’re on hand to help your astronautical or aeronautical company get the best possible start in the creation of products, parts and equipment with our aerospace machining. Ours is a service that has been trusted for much of the past century and continues to develop in order to accommodate to the growing needs of the industry.

Especially in the aerospace machining world, the building and construction of specific parts and bespoke equipment means that every single piece in the puzzle needs to be perfect. Our complex aerospace machining in the UK is entrusted with the creation of products for government teams, airlines and more.

Far from only providing professional aerospace machining, our team have the ability to utilise an array of engineering techniques, such as: aerospace assembly fixtures, aerospace fabrication, aerospace tooling, aerospace fixtures, aerospace aluminium machining and aerospace jigs.

If you’d like to find out how these methods and techniques can be used to benefit your needs, get in contact with us today by calling 0161 627 5822.