Discover our trusted Nuclear Decommissioning Engineering

When any piece of nuclear equipment is not being used, it’s harder to dispose of than a normal product. The result of any wrong action at this point can be crucial to the health and safety of people around it and the future of your premises.

At Oldham Engineering, we make sure that we can cope with the ever-increasing need for nuclear decommissioning engineering with our vast range of solutions. We’re on hand to help you with small and large operations that need to be safely and securely dealt with. We believe professionalism is of the highest importance with any nuclear decommissioning projects.

Whether you are replacing parts from a reactor, manufacturing nuclear containment boxes, constructing new sump covers or shield doors or you just need miscellaneous fabrications for general maintenance and repair, we are on hand to manage and manufacture your requirements.

We’re a team committed to the NDA (Nuclear Decommissioning Authority) and their ongoing work to ensure safety throughout all decommissioning jobs. We’re also a key supplier for the nuclear industry and our work with decommissioning products for a wide range of companies can be tailored to your needs. To maintain absolute safety in the nuclear industry, teams choose us to make sure they are safe and secure when working around nuclear decommissioning engineering.

We’re also chosen for nuclear heavy machining, nuclear large machining, nuclear bespoke fabrication, complex bespoke engineering and batch machining.

If you want to discover more about our range of engineering capabilities, speak to our helpful team today.