Why Is Global Nuclear Engineering So Important?

Worldwide, companies are clamouring to be the best in every department. Nuclear development is in the same bracket. With countries sparring over energy, companies are looking for the global nuclear engineering that can make a difference to it. At Oldham Engineering, our job is to provide nuclear solutions and developments for continental companies.

Our nuclear expertise has been developed over many years and many projects; we have built and engineered components from nuclear containment boxes to nuclear shield doors, and supplied many nuclear turnkey solutions and bespoke fabrications in both nuclear decommissioning and new build, to many industry leaders.

Energy is, of course, important across the world and is a vital lifeline in our ever changing, modern way of life. This is why our team at Oldham Engineering also work in Nuclear Decommissioning Engineering as well as New Build projects with our expert knowledge.

Global nuclear engineering is still pioneering at the Governmental level and creating nuclear plants that work efficiently and safely, is integral to those plans. We are fully committed to the NDA (Nuclear Decommissioning Authority) supply chain charter and an associate member of the Nuclear ARMC.

Our work spans from creating lead lined man capsules, flush water skids, gamma gates as well as decommissioning nuclear objects from previous projects. To find out how we have helped companies previously and how we can aid you, get in touch with us today.