Invest In Our Nuclear Turnkey Solutions In The UK

As one of the most fragile of sectors, nuclear plants, projects and equipment have to be managed constantly and professionally. It is vital that any business or government body looking to invest in nuclear power has the right solutions on hand for decommissioning equipment.

This is something that our team at Oldham Engineering Limited can help you with. Our nuclear turnkey solutions are trusted to provide the right answers for all manner of situations and projects.

There are plenty of ways that we can support you with nuclear turnkey solutions. From helping to design decommissioning equipment through to creating bespoke nuclear products, we have the skills to help you.

In the past we have crafted high-quality products, such as:

  • Gamma gates
  • Nuclear vent covers
  • Graphite handling and shielding
  • Element guide tubes
  • Robotic structures
  • Decommissioning equipment.

In any case, our turnkey solutions at Oldham Engineering Limited can provide a range oF benefits. Project managing the whole scenario from start to finish, our professional team will ensure that you are confident in our work.

Our nuclear turnkey solutions are supported by our accreditations in the industry, these include:

  • Fit For Nuclear (F4N)
  • NDA (Nuclear Decommissioning Authority)
  • Nuclear AMRC
  • Supply Chain Charter for Nuclear Decommissioning Sites Signatory

To understand how all of this relates to your project, speak with our team today.