Invest In Our Trusted Nuclear Welding Services

Every element of the nuclear industry has to be scrutinised to the highest levels to ensure that problems and issues are reduced. This makes finding a team who are trusted to offer both decommissioning and engineering help in terms of nuclear products vitally important. Our nuclear welding services at Oldham Engineering can be used in both of these integral areas of the sector to ensure safety, security and future-proofed products that are ready for any application.

When it comes to choosing the right nuclear engineering company, it is vital that other companies use and trust this service. With our standing in the engineering industry for over 150 years, we have gathered experience in realising large and small projects across various industries. To change with the times, we also became a leading service for nuclear companies and government bodies looking to create a safe and prosperous environment.

Why choose Oldham Engineering for nuclear welding?

Nuclear welding is important in securing the integrity of products throughout their lifetime and ensuring that when they are no longer in use, that radioactivity is stifled completely. Our team are chosen to offer assistance and support for applications spanning the world and can help to create the safest environment for your nuclear products and projects.

If you would like to understand more about nuclear welding or the vast array of nuclear services we can offer at Oldham Engineering, please speak with us today.