Large CNC Machining From The UK

Some things are always best left to the experts. Especially expertise that has filtered down throughout a number of generations and over 150 years. That’s what our team at Oldham Engineering can boast with our large CNC machining – a service that is trusted and chosen by individuals across the UK and the world.

We have developed our ability to react to the changing needs of our clients throughout our many years in the business. When you are searching for a heavy machining company with an abundance of expertise in CNC machining, you will want assurances that the team you choose have the right equipment and floor space to cope with your demands.

How can we offer the best large CNC machining?

Our multiple CNC machines allow for a number of operations to be working simultaneously from our premises in the north of England. From floor boring, vertical boring and horizontal boring through to our huge fabrication department and project management expertise, we are able to offer you start to finish help and support for an array of diverse projects.

To offer large CNC machining that continues to develop, we are dedicated to ensuring that our machinery items are perfectly suited to the evolving and changing sectors we work within.

To discover more and to find out how we can help your project, speak with us today.