Large Machine Forging

When you want to find a trusted engineering partner, you can always rely on our expert approach here at Oldham Engineering. Our Large Machine Forging is one of our key offerings along with many other machining capacities for numerous industries. From forging, casting and CNC machining, you can rely on our expertise every time.

With a large capacity for Heavy Fabrication & Machining, we are confident in our CNC machining capabilities. Our CNC machines mean we can manufacture for both vertical and horizontal requirements, enabling complex components of a large array of sizes.

With further investment for many of our other engineering machines, we boast CNC Floor Boring with up to 13 metre bed capacity along with many other large machining and fabrication capacity. We deliver complete supply solutions to our clients and guarantee efficiency and innovation every single time.

We, as a business, work within a number of industry sectors on a daily basis and that’s because our engineering capabilities are extremely vast; allowing us to form all kinds of structures for numerous industries, including nuclear, offshore, subsea, aerospace and more.

We’re a forward-thinking company that always wants to move forward with our work and that is why we always strive to deliver precision engineered structures for our clients.