Large Precision Machining

Do you want to find a trusted engineering company who can offer large precision machining , large fabrication and complex bespoke fabrication capabilities for your project? At Oldham Engineering, we are a team of expert engineers who have many years building up experience within the refurbishment and engineering sector, providing quality made items and components for numerous industries. Because we’re involved in the aerospace, transportation and nuclear industries, we are used to completing many heavy fabrication projects.

We’ve spent a number of years working and forming a trusted relationship with companies across the globe. Since our establishment back in 1861, we’ve provided various complex fabrications, and because we have kept up to date with technological advancements, we offer the leading engineered solutions across the many industry sectors. Our procedures are documented to ISO, BSEN, AWS D1.1 and ASME IX standards, and we’re also capable with undertaking custom specific welding procedures too.

To satisfy our clients and best support our engineers, we provide them with the latest machine tools available in the industry. We are privileged to offer an array of CNC machining services, including large CNC floor Boring with rotary tables and rapid cutting parameters; for processing aluminium, carbon andstainless steels. We also offer Turnkey Engineering Solutions and Bespoke Fabrication services.

Find out more about our machining capabilities today by browsing our website.