Nuclear Decommissioning Engineering

The nuclear industry is vitally important to the development of energy across the world. However, the remnants of decommissioned equipment can provide future generations with many problems. To help engineer a solution to these issues, make sure you choose Oldham Engineering.

We supply and create bespoke nuclear decommissioning engineering solutions that will ensure that whatever equipment has been used close to a nuclear facility or as part of the creation of nuclear goods is protected.

The need to stop radiation from spreading is incredibly important for every company involved in the industry. However, by choosing Oldham Engineering, we’re certain to find the right nuclear solutions that will give you and your company peace of mind. Our decommissioning experience includes, but is not limited too; Nuclear Containment Boxes, Nuclear Bespoke Fabrication, Nuclear Shield Doors and Nuclear Turnkey Solutions, to name but a few.

On top of our commitment to nuclear decommissioning engineering, we are trusted for providing solutions for sectors such as: transportation, mining, aerospace, defence engineering, construction, shipping and marine as well as the pharmaceutical industry.

We’re trusted to provide the best and most effective engineering solutions for your every need.

To discuss your options with our team, speak to us today.