Nuclear Engineering From Oldham Engineering Ltd

Effective nuclear engineering is a specialist area that cannot be undertaken by all engineering companies. Specific expertise is a must along with the requisite experience to ensure the best possible outcome for all projects.

Here at Oldham Engineering Ltd, we know that nuclear engineering projects come with the strictest requirements and timescales for good reason. Our vast experience in the area guarantees we can meet your requirements without hesitation and that is something you can rely on. We have built a reputation founded on quality, reliability and providing only the highest level of service. Our services include complex and precise fabrications and the highest integrity engineered products.

Looking to order in regular batches or for a one-off project? There are no minimum order requirements, we have the specialist facilities to put as much attention into single projects as we do for larger orders. We offer services to most industry sectors including nuclear, steel and defence.

To discuss nuclear engineering from Oldham Engineering Ltd, contact us today on 0161 627 5822. Alternatively, complete our online contact form and a member of our team will be in touch to ascertain how we can best assist you moving forward.