Nuclear Manufacturing For Your Precise Requirements

Manufacturing in any industry requires the perfect balance of skill, trust, machinery and planning. In each of these sections the expertise of the manufacturing company you choose will be clear to see. However, when it comes to nuclear manufacturing you will need even more assurances that you are choosing a professional team with experience in the sector.

As one of the leading UK nuclear manufacturing companies, our professional services at Oldham Engineering could be ideally suited to your applications. We want to make sure that you are provided with services that you can put your faith in. Whether it’s a small repair job or a welding task through to the creation of bespoke nuclear products, we have the ability to help you.

Oldham Engineering – the ideal choice for the forward-thinking company

Energy and the use of nuclear is a hot topic across the world. Many large companies, governments and more are looking to nuclear power to help with their future energy creation and this has made us vital in the creation of bespoke products with our combination of premium machinery and understanding of the supply chain.

Trusted by Nuclear AMRC and as a Supply Chain Charter for Nuclear Decommissioning Sites Signatory, we understand how to make sure our nuclear manufacturing is suited to your needs. Whatever services you are searching for in the nuclear world, make sure you speak with our team first.

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