Professional and Experienced Large Precision Machining In the UK

Time pressures, bespoke requirements and complex manufacturing are three things that every company will need at some point. It will call upon your contacts in the manufacturing industry to help you reach your deadline with ease and without any worries. At Oldham Engineering we’re tasked with an abundance of different tasks each day and are yet to come up against one that couldn’t be completed in our UK-based facilities.

We’re able to perform a vast array of large precision machining that will help you reach your targets on time. You can put your faith in our team at Oldham Engineering because of our huge floor space, acquisition of the latest equipment and a team of highly-trained engineers who are waiting to help complete your project.

Our team at Oldham Engineering have worked with a wide range of companies across many different sectors. In each case we’ve been able to complete our large precision machining to our client’s specific requirements. Whether you need to utilise our vast floor space in the UK or some of the best machinery available in Europe, choose Oldham Engineering.

On top of our large precision machining, you can put your faith in our team for: aerospace machining, batch machining, large CNC machining, nuclear heavy machining, nuclear large machining and oil & gas large machining.

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