Professional Batch Machining Suited To Your Company’s Needs

The continuous growth that companies in the sectors we work with are looking for rests on many variables. Our job at Oldham Engineering Limited is to simplify as many of these variables and take a project through its various steps with confidence.

Our batch manufacturing services throughout the UK are trusted by many diverse sectors from nuclear and steel through to shipping and transportation. Our north west location is packed full of the right machinery and the personnel to guide your batch manufacturing project until its finality.

How can we offer professional and scaled batch manufacturing services?

By choosing Oldham Engineering Limited for your batch manufacturing needs, we will boast a range of support mechanisms and project management skills.

To guide your project through its various stages, we call upon a range of high-level CNC machines suited to the number of items needed and the scale of the manufacturing project.

Our professional team at Oldham Engineering Limited have many years of experience working with manufacturing and fabrication. This stands them in perfect stead to guide any batch manufacturing project through its various stages.

We combine our batch manufacturing skills with the ability to cut costs and money with our project management skills.

No matter how many products you need to create, or the time limit set out around the project, we can provide you with a tailored quote.  

To discover more about our batch manufacturing, get in contact with us today.