Proficient Subsea Engineering

Are you currently searching for a reliable subsea engineering company? Here at Oldham Engineering, we endeavour to deliver proficient Subsea Engineering to support you with your Subsea or Offshore engineering project. However big or small your expectations are, we’ll be sure to deliver the ideal item or component.

We are a trusted engineering company with over a hundred of years of experience; we are members of a number of internationally recognised subsea and offshore bodies. Including Subsea UK, Oil & Gas UK, FPAL, and we hold a Supply Chain Code of Practice.

Alongside our trusted membership, with some of the largest bodies in the industry, we have completed a great selection of subsea engineering projects for some of the industry’s biggest providers. We have the capacity and expertise to produce Subsea Assemblies, Subsea Bespoke Fabrications, Subsea Heavy Machining and Subsea Turnkey Solutions. Pairing our vast capability with our high quality manufacturing, gives us a reliable standard of work as practice. This has enabled us to partner and work with the several industry leaders.

By taking a look through our website, you will be able to see some of the subsea engineering work we have been a part of. We’ve had the pleasure of constructing A-Frame Cranes, Travelling Clamps, Valves, Pipework, Subsea Rudders, Sea Anchors, Cable Tensioners, Tanker Ship Swivels, Subsea Mining Frames, Subsea Large Machining Repair and many more amazing products for the subsea and oil & gas industries.

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