Qualified Nuclear Welding

Do you want to find qualified nuclear welding? At Oldham Engineering, we provide reliable nuclear manufacturing to some of the biggest industry leading companies across the globe. We are recognised as a key supplier in the nuclear sector, and have engineered Lead Lined Nuclear components, Flush Water Skid, Box Transfer & Bogie systems, Nuclear Shield Doors, Robotic Structures, Decommissioning Equipment and more.

We hold weld procedure qualifications for the American Welding Society standard, AWS D1.1. and our team of welders cover all common welding requirements and more within the nuclear sector. This allows us to offer welded structures for commonly used carbon and low-alloy constructional steels.

Our welding certification complements our welding accreditations to Norsok M101, ISO BSEN 15614 and ASMEIX to name just a few. With our experience, training, accreditations and certifications, it makes us the ideal supply partner for Oil & Gas Bespoke Fabrication, Subsea Bespoke Fabrication and Defence Engineering as well as Nuclear Bespoke Fabrication.

Our materials and qualifications for welding include Carbon Steel, Carbon Steel LT50, High Strength Steel S690QL, Stainless Steel, Duplex 2205 and a dedicated High Integrity Fabrication Division. We also offer Flux Corded Arc Welding, MIG Welding, MMA Welding, Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Submerged Arc Welding and TIG Welding.

We’re well placed to continue with our nuclear manufacturing expertise for the next decade, and with the industry looking set to expand, we will continue to be the key contactor who holds approved supplier status on the market.

Speak to a member of our expert team today by calling us on +44 (0) 161 627 5822.