Repair and Refurbishment

In today’s environment the replacement of large complex assemblies sometimes isn’t economically viable, so along with new production, Oldham Engineering also offer a complete repair and refurbishment facility.

With the ability to handle turnkey projects for new build we also have all the skills necessary to strip down casings, gearboxes, and general assemblies and repair or refurbish them to as new condition.

After strip down, an assesment report and repair quotation is created by Oldham Engineering and forwarded to the customer for further consideration.

If the customer does not wish to continue to repair the item, the equipment is returned.

If the customer wishes to repair the item, a purchase order is forwarded to Oldham Engineering with instructions to proceed with the repair.

In general the process is as follows;

  • Assembled component received at Oldham Engineering factory.
  • Scope of work agreed with customer.
  • Assembly is completely dismantled and cleaned.
  • Report on necessary work given to customer, and available for customer to inspect.
  • On customer approval, all work agreed is carried out.
  • Component is reassembled, and if required can be painted and tested.

All work undertaken in our refurbishment area is undertaken to the same quality levels as our new build work. With large lift capacity the breadth of work we can undertake is immense.

Chock Refurbishment

Oldham Engineering engages with plant engineers and maintenance teams from Steel plants across the country to successfully extract, refurbish/repair and return plant equipment, such as chocks, during scheduled shut down periods.

Chocks are commonly refurbished by Oldham due to the nature of their operation, i.e. they contain bearings and when bearing tolerances become excessive, process product quality is severely diminished. Industrial Chocks can be found in a range of applications from hot rolling mills to gearboxes.

Upon receipt, the first operation at Oldham is a high pressure clean and decontamination rinse. The chocks are then disassembled and evaluated by Oldham’s technicians.

After the assessment report is created by our technicians we compile a detailed quote and submit both documents to the customer. The Chock and its individual components are then palletised, shrink wrapped and placed in our dedicated customer store awaiting customer clearance to continue.

We endeavour to provide as much information on the condition of the chocks as possible. Photographic and video material is used where necessary.

Chocks are found in Plate mills, Steckel mills, Structure mills, Wire rod mills, Cold rolling mills, Skin pass mills, Furnaces, Annealing-Pickling lines, Levellers, Slitters, Girth gears, Pinions and Support rollers. The condition of the received chock can vary significantly, depending on its application.

After Oldham Engineering has refurbished the various components, chocks are assembled, inspected and returned to site.

Oldham Engineering has refurbished hundreds of industrial chocks in all shapes and sizes for many UK steel plants. As such, they are a trusted supply partner because of their operational quality, reliability and speedy service

Gearbox Refurbishment

Oldham has refurbished hundreds of Gearboxes for all types of Industrial Clients. Some examples are shown below.