Three Benefits Of Our Bespoke Fabrication Services

Equipped with engineering experience and accredited by leading bodies in the industry, our work at Oldham Engineering is ideal for many companies. Working worldwide from our base in the UK, we have the ability to support, project management and guide every little aspect of many engineering jobs.

At Oldham Engineering Limited we have become a leading provider of bespoke fabrication services from our UK base – offering exceptional support for an abundance of industries.

Our bespoke fabrication is trusted to offer greater freedom for our clients around the world. We can find solutions and action it through our engineering expertise, no matter the specifications.

Why trust our team at Oldham Engineering Limited?

We work hard to retain our reputation in the industry. Our bespoke fabrication is framed by our ability to provide these three benefits:

  • Welding accreditations: We can lay claim to both EN 1090 and 3834-2 welding accreditations which prove that our work can be trusted.
  • Project management: Bespoke fabrication should be guided at each stage. Our team will walk you through every moment with confidence.
  • Huge capacity: We have the ability to work with large machining capacities as well as small projects from our UK base. We combine our floor space with the latest machinery on the market.

To discover more about our bespoke fabrication services, speak with us today.