Three Features Of Our Heavy Fabrication Services

What are the main attributes you look for when choosing a fabrication company? Are you searching for a team with experience? Do you require assurances that the work can be carried out in time? You will naturally have a number of questions when choosing a company for heavy fabrication, but we have the ability to help you at Oldham Engineering.

As a company who have been working in the industry for over 150 years, we have developed a reputation for consistent and reliable engineering services that can be trusted across the world. We are chosen for a number of reasons, but here are just three to help you select our heavy fabrication services:

  1. Project management: We work hard to make sure that every aspect of the project follows a step-by-step plan through its various stages. This allows us to get the best results possible for a diverse range of projects.
  2. Large floor space: At Oldham Engineering we have become a leading provider of heavy fabrication due to our huge factory floor space. This gives us the capabilities to offer flexibility in every project that we undertake.
  3. Constant development: On top of this floor space, we look to fill this area with the latest machinery for heavy fabrication. From the latest CNC machinery through to attaining ISO accreditations, we are always moving forward.

To find out more about our heavy fabrication capabilities, get in contact with us.