Three Important Factors For Our Bespoke Fabrication

Crafting and creating the best products for the industry requires an abundance of experience, equipment and floor space. We hit all three of those points at Oldham Engineering to ensure our bespoke fabrication is a leading feature of our wide range of work. If you’re looking for bespoke fabrication, you’ll want to know how we can prove our experience, equipment and floor space.


Our company offers a service for a range of industries. During our 150 years in the business, we’ve been trusted by huge multi-national companies for our bespoke fabrication. We guarantee to meet your specifications to bring the best results straight to your premises. From Quality Grade 1 Nuclear to Exec Class 3 Structural – we can suit your needs.


We’re always re-investing in our company and updating our equipment at Oldham Engineering to ensure that we continue to be a leading company. The latest machinery and tools will be used to craft your bespoke fabrication product from scratch. Guided by our expert engineers, we have our own in-house RWC (Responsible Welding Co-ordinator) and we’re certain you’ll find our services perfectly suited to you.

Floor space:

To ensure we continue to better our performance and the products we create, we utilise our vast 80,000sqft floor space. This allows us to be flexible to the demands of each of our customers. If you’d like to make the most of our space, we’re ready to take on board the biggest challenges you can throw at us.

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