Three Ways We Help Your Heavy Fabrication Needs

Finding a company who can accommodate to the wide range of needs that you have can be tricky. An engineering service will often be one-track and only be able to offer you a slice of the services that you truly need. However, when you invest your money in a company that is accustomed to providing a vast array of fabrication and engineering services for projects large and small you will reap the rewards.

That’s why our heavy fabrication services at Oldham Engineering are chosen by companies across the UK and Europe. We make it easy for you to start realising your project rather than merely dreaming of it. Our state-of-the-art equipment, large heavy fabrication ability, huge floor space and 150 years of experience in the sector ensure we are at the forefront of everything in the industry.

To help you make your choice about our heavy fabrication services at Oldham Engineering, here are three ways we can help you:

  • Our team are adept at offering a bespoke service which will utilise our equipment and engineering expertise.
  • Using our multiple CNC machines we can help to reproduce heavy fabrication products over and over.
  • We can provide you with project management services to ensure that every box is ticked for your engineering job.

Get in contact with our professional to discover more.