Trust In Our Professional Nuclear Decommissioning Engineering

Safety is paramount in any project relating to nuclear equipment. As it’s made and when it is used in any setting, you will need a plan of action for the future. When it comes to decommissioning any nuclear elements, you will want to find a team that can help you through every stage.

Our team at Oldham Engineering Limited are trusted and chosen by companies across the UK to offer nuclear decommissioning engineering. We have gained experience working with a wide range of nuclear items, including:

  • Gamma gates
  • Lead lined man capsule
  • Flush water skid
  • Box transfer and bogie
  • Nuclear shield seal hatch
  • Robotic structure
  • Decommissioning equipment

The latter is one of our most popular services for any company in the nuclear industry. We understand that you will be searching for something that can offer you assurances at every stage of the service.

By selecting Oldham Engineering for our nuclear decommissioning engineering, you can be certain that you are getting the right support. Tailored to the specific products that you have, our work at Oldham Engineering Limited will give you confidence for the present and the future.

This protection for customers across the UK and the world helps to protect nuclear products from causing any radioactive issues.

We can boast a vitally important certification for any nuclear project that we undertake too. We are F4N (Fit for Nuclear) certified that establishes our expertise in the sector.

To discover more about our nuclear decommissioning engineering at Oldham Engineering, get in contact with us today.