Why We Trusted To Perform Nuclear Small Machining

Any glimpse into the nuclear industry will tell you that trust and the highest quality materials must combine to create the safest operations possible. When you’re looking to for a company that you can put your faith in for nuclear small machining, then Oldham Engineering can provide you with everything you need.

We understand the highly-fraught world of the nuclear industry, the risks it poses and the need for absolute accuracy in everything we do. That’s part of the reason why our team is rated so highly when it comes to nuclear manufacturing – that, and our status as an approved supplier.

Our company has grown with the nuclear industry and in doing so has adapted to offer a wider range of products, including, but not limited to: lead-lined nuclear capsules, nuclear shield doors, nuclear turnkey solutions, gamma gates, nuclear containment boxes and nuclear decommissioning engineering.

We ensure that every product we create or every service we administer for our broad selection of clients is made with safety and quality at the forefront. On top of our dedication to the nuclear industry with our small machining services, we also provide: heavy machining, batch manufacturing, complex assembly, turnkey solutions and bespoke fabrication.

To find out why we’re trusted to provide this important service, contact our professional team.