Turnkey Solutions

Oldham Engineering has the structure and systems to manage large turnkey projects from all industry sectors.

With a dedicated project management team alongside a well versed quality team, capabilities stretch from simple small projects to full scale nuclear projects requiring high levels of welding qualifications and quality documentation.

As well as complete project management Oldham Engineering also offer complete supply chain management, from raw material supply, proprietary items, painting, testing etc… The complete project of manufacture, build and commissioning can be handled under one roof.

Our dedicated assembly department has a highly skilled fitting team for assembling small components through to large turnkey projects.

With a long history in mechanical assembly Oldham Engineering is well placed to handle complete solutions, involving qualification to high quality standards within the Nuclear and Defence sectors.

With competences in complex assembly, including mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and also pneumatic, the majority of projects are handled under the same roof that they were both fabricated and machined, reducing external handling and optimising work load for the best lead times.

Project Review

Project Review, Planning & Communication

In 2010 Oldham Engineering Ltd. manufactured an A-Frame crane for a Ship operating in the Oil & Gas Industry. The fabricated crane is shown below.



Oldham Engineering has extensive in-house manufacturing facilities including both machining and fabrication. The company is known for its ability to manufacture complex bespoke items, however in addition it manufactures many batch products.



Oldham Engineering have extensive inspection facilities, including a Faro arm and CMM. All products are inspected either at the end or throughout the manufacturing process to ensure conformity to specification/drawing.

Fabricated products and welds are inspected in a number of ways, including Visual, MPI, DPI, Radiography and Ultrasonic inspection.


Fitting and Assembly

Oldham Engineering has a 20,000 sqft, open plan, assembly area where skilled fitters and engineers assemble products after they have been manufactured.

Testing & Signoff

Testing and Customer Signoff

Depending on the nature of the project and the clients requirements, Oldham Engineering will perform the necessary client performance tests before the equipment is despatched. Where required, Oldham will build a purpose built test rig, to simulate the product in its intended operating environment. The customer is invited to witness these tests. Typically, testing involves, Mechanical cycle and/or load testing, Electrical performance / verification testing and Pneumatic and/or Hydraulic testing.

Identification & Boxing

Identification/Traceability, Boxing & Packing

Traceability, depending on customer wishes, is often mandatory for many items manufactured by Oldham Engineering.

Oldham Engineering manufacture pressure vessels, as shown below, and therefore each item is depatched with the appropriate stainless steel engraved nameplate indicating, for example, its design, tested and operating conditions together with confirmation of compliance to the appropriate standards.