A Trusted And Experienced Team For Your Engineered Solutions

Finding the solution to any problem requires expertise, but this expertise is usually devolved to separate teams where the information can become diluted. Our engineered solutions at Oldham Engineering Limited are centred around producing, sourcing, testing, painting and delivering your projects under one roof.

Our UK premises at Oldham Engineering Limited has become a leading destination for companies of all shapes and sizes who are searching for engineered and turnkey solutions. We handle and manage everything from start to finish to leave you with a package of assurances for your engineered products.

Why choose and entrust our engineered solutions in the UK?

We have worked across a wide range of sectors during a lifespan which has lasted for over 150 years in the UK. Some of the industries we have worked for include:

  • Nuclear
  • Defence
  • Offshore/Subsea
  • Power generation
  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Shipping
  • Marine

Companies across these industries call upon our experience at Oldham Engineering Limited to ensure that everything from supply chain management and project management is devolved to a professional team. We work hard to cover every important area throughout the duration of a project – no matter how big or small it is.

Our trusted engineered solutions are on track to help guide your projects on their journey through to their finality. If you would like to understand more about our work and how you can secure professional turnkey and engineered solutions for your requirements, get in contact with us today.