The Mining and Mineral Extraction industry offers a difficult environment for industrial equipment.

Equipment is often robust in construction to withstand the abrasion of the Mining environment. Oldham Engineering has supplied the Mining industry for many years. Below are some examples of manufactured products.


Electric Motor Casings

OEL has a manufactured Electric motor casings and components for the Mining Industry.

Cutting Heads

Cutting Heads

OEL has manufactured Cutting heads for the Mining Industry, as shown below.

Gib Arm Castings

Machined Gib Arm Castings

OEL has refurbished several Gib Arm Castings for the Mining Industry, as shown below

Underwater Mining Frames

Underwater Mining Frames

In 2012 Oldham Engineering manufactured a number of large frames for underwater mining equipment that was designed to extract minerals 1 mile beneath the ocean surface.