Bespoke Fabrication

With a floor space of 80,000 sq feet and extensive fabrication knowledge, skills and expertise, Oldham Engineering is ideally suited as your preferred fabrication partner.

OEL can handle fabrications up to 30 tonnes on a single lift and 45 tonnes on a dual lift. We specialise in complex and high integrity fabrications for the Nuclear / Defence & Sub Sea sectors amongst others, which demand a high level of welder qualification and quality control. For further information see our Fabrication Capacity section.

Batch Fabrication

Oldham Engineering execute many orders involving Batch Fabrication. Some examples are shown below.

Fabrication Machining

In addition to in-house fabrication manufacturing, Oldham Engineering can also in-house machine the fabricated products, precisely machining mounting pads and/or tapped holes up to 10m apart in a single setting.