Batch Manufacturing

The name “Oldham Engineering” is synonymous with specialist, complex, precision and high integrity manufacture of medium and heavy engineered products.

Oldham Engineering has a strong reputation for the project management of complex one-off products supplying a wide range of industrial sectors from Defence to Nuclear, Steel to Shipping.

However, over the years, Oldham Engineering has also built up a reputation for batch manufacturing, including repeating quantities of products throughout a contract period (typically 12 months).

Given Oldham’s combined machining and fabrication strengths, batch manufacturing makes perfect sense for our clients requiring precision and volume, specifically of medium to heavy engineered products.

Batch Machining

Oldham Engineering has a wide range of 2, 3 and 4 axis CNC’s capable of machining items efficiently in multiple batch quantities.

Batch Fabrication

Plating and welding times are significantly reduced by Oldham Engineering during batch manufacture, as the business allocated the correct amount of effort into planning and invests in jigs and fixtures to ensure uniformity of supply.

In addition, weld sequencing is used to reduce stress and minimise distortion in the manufactured products.

Oldham Engineering has been successfully completed Batch manufacturing projects for many industrial clients, ranging from the defence industry, yellow goods and the heavy automotive industries. See Fabrication Capacity and Bespoke Fabrication for further information on our Fabrication abilities.

For more detailed information on how Oldham Engineering can help in your batch machining or fabrication requirements, please contact our sales team.