Shipping & Marine

Oldham Engineering have manufactured and supplied many products for the Shipping and Maring Industry. Below are some examples.

Shift Lift Platform

Oldham Engineering has manufactured batch fabrications and large/heavy Lift Platforms for the Shipping and Maring Industry

Ship 'A' Frames

In 2010 Oldham Engineering Ltd. manufactured an ‘A’ Frame for a ship, used to unload the ships cargo to dock. The fabricated crane is shown below.

Ship Swivel Seal

In 2012, Oldham Engineering manufactured, assembled and tested a Tanker Ship Swivel capable of holding 6,000psi (414 bar). The Swivel sits on the base of the tanker ship and allows the ship to align itself to the sea water current / waves whilst pipework runs through its centre.

Ship Frame Supports

Oldham Engineering has manufactured many Ship frame supports, as shown below.