Aerospace Jigs And Fixtures

Are you currently searching for a reliable and expert aerospace manufacturing company? When you require aluminium fabrication and machining, you can be confident to rely on our manufacturing capabilities to complete the job to an extremely high standard.

Oldham Engineering was established back in 1861 and has over the years continued to develop its services into Sectors where complex fabricated and machined structures are a requirement. We have been privileged with a number of small and large scale aerospace fabrications including Aerospace Fixtures, Aerospace Jigs, and Aerospace Tooling. As a leading engineering company for such Aerospace projects, we offer a wide range of complex engineered services.

In our main manufacturing site in the UK, we have the latest premium engineering facilities totalling 80,000 sqft. With a highly competent workforce we can provide CNC machining, including large CNC floor Boring with rotary tables and rapid cutting parameters for processing aluminium & carbon or stainless steels, we also offer fabrication, welding and mechanical assembly. Our machining capabilities can handle both small and large structures depending on Project requirements. We’ve worked with a number of big organisations across the globe including Babcock Defence Systems Technology, BAE Systems and Siemens

Our experience with coded fabrication, large precision machining and mechanical assembly make Oldham Engineering a class leading manufacturer of precision engineered parts for the aerospace industry.

With the latest machining capabilities and a highly skilled apprentice trained Team, we’re confident that we can help you to complete your latest project efficiently and effectively.

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