Choose And Trust Our Engineered Solutions At Oldham Engineering Limited

Taking advantage of the skills of an experienced company suited to your sector will be advantageous to your next project. If you find the right engineered solutions, then you won’t need to worry about the project that follows in the future.

At Oldham Engineering Limited we are chosen for our engineering solutions, fabrication and welding services which all combine to offer you assurances throughout the project.

The various stages of our engineering services, we are tasked with using our abilities to help a wide range of sectors. Our engineered solutions at Oldham Engineering Limited will offer you high-quality results, regardless of the size and scale.

Why choose our engineered solutions at Oldham Engineering Limited?

We have a huge floor space available to solve any engineering queries with confidence. Our professional team are able to take advantage of the 80,000sqft space for many diverse projects from any sector.

Our engineered solutions come bolstered by our in-house fabrication and welding team. We have gained the highest-level ISO level (ISO 9001:2015 with the BSI (UKAS Accreditation)) and have the experience to help your project move through its various stages.

From huge and complex fabrication solutions through to engineering and repairs, we can help you with our experience and expertise.

To discover more about our engineered solutions and how our expertise can provide the support you need, get in contact with us today.