Choose Our Team To Create Top-Quality Gamma Gates

The nuclear industry is constantly looking and searching for ways to improve the decommissioning process. This necessary stage ensures that radioactive material isn’t allowed to enter into our atmosphere and cause a myriad of problems for people, animals and more. Oldham Engineering are an engineering company trusted across the nuclear spectrum by independent companies and Governmental bodies to provide a wide range of decommissioning equipment.

We’ve been tasked with the creation of gamma gates from our UK factory and this has led to a number of contracts with companies trusting our decommissioning equipment. As a key supplier for the nuclear industry, our team at Oldham Engineering are waiting to take on board your requirements to create a set of gamma gates that can withstand radiation and assure no leaks will occur.

Accredited by the Nuclear AMRC and as a Supply Chain Charter for Nuclear Decommissioning Sites Signatory, we’re given the green light to prepare, plan and create gamma gates to your specific project. On top of our dedication to creating gamma gates we also have a reputation for: lead lined nuclear production, nuclear containment boxes, nuclear decommissioning engineering, nuclear welding, nuclear engineering, nuclear shield doors and nuclear turnkey solutions.

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