Choose Our Trustworthy And Professional Nuclear Manufacturing

Safety protocols, quality assurance and responsible use are three vital factors to any nuclear project. Whether you’re the head of a governmental body or the owner of a company that is using nuclear practices, you’ll need to devolve the responsibilities of manufacturing to a team with pedigree in the industry.

That team is Oldham Engineering. Our expertise in the nuclear manufacturing sector has ensured that we’ve been chosen for small and large projects across the UK and the world for over 100 years. If you’re searching for solutions and answers to your queries, we’re able to help you.

Why we’re given the green light to aid the nuclear sector

Alongside the importance of safety in the nuclear sector, it’s vital that you know why we’re trusted in the industry. We’re dedicated to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) supply chain charter which makes us the ideal team for pre and post-nuclear manufacturing. We’ve been chosen to use our floor space and exceptional materials to create:

  • Lead lined man capsules
  • Flush water skids
  • Box transfers and bogies
  • Nuclear shield seal hatches
  • Element guide tubes
  • Gamma gates
  • Nuclear vent covers

Whatever your requirements are in the nuclear industry, trust in our team at Oldham Engineering to offer you the widest range of options from our UK premises.

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