Choose our team for your aerospace fabrication needs

The aerospace world is built around absolute accuracy. Each dial and every fixture is designed with the highest safety and quality requirements at the forefront. While we jet off to places across the world over the summer, there are teams working tirelessly to create the products that help planes set off and land.

At Oldham Engineering, our team of experts can turn their hand, with the help of our machinery, to a variety of aerospace fabrication techniques that will ensure you have top-quality products that will enhance your aerospace armoury.

We’ve worked with many large companies who trust our premium and efficient service as one of the most comprehensive available in the aerospace fabrication industry. With our experience working with nuclear manufacturing, batch fabrication, as well as aerospace machining and aerospace jigs & fixtures, our solutions are guaranteed to help you.

It’s easy to forget the scale of the aerospace industry. Whether that’s the size of an airplane’s engine or the hugeness of a hangar, we have created these products for a wide range of clients. The combination of our 80,000 square feet floor space and our extensive fabrication and batch machining expertise makes us the perfect fit for you.

To discover how easy it can be to start creating aerospace fabrication products or high integrity products with the help of our expert team, get in contact with us today.