Complex Bespoke Engineering

Do you require complex bespoke engineering for your next project? Whether your engineering project is small or large, you can be confident that we can support you every step of the way. Here at Oldham Engineering we can provide a wide range of complex bespoke engineering services suitable to your needs. With a floor space of 80,000 square feet and extensive machining and fabrication knowledge and equipment including Large CNC Machining providing the capability to provide Large Precision Machining, coupled with extensive welding expertise including Nuclear Welding skills and expertise, we are perfectly situated and equipped to be your preferred engineering and fabrication partner. Coded Fabrication is a key element to our service providing Coded Welded Structures for both Bespoke Fabrication and Batch Fabrication

In the past we have worked on a variety of projects for a number of specialised industry sectors, being nominated as preferred supplier due to our team being extremely skilled and equipped to provide a wide range of bespoke engineering services, including Turnkey Engineering Solutions, Bespoke Fabrication, Batch Fabrication & Manufacturing, Repair and Refurbishment and heavy machining and light machining. We provide this predominantly for Sectors including the Nuclear, Defence, Automotive and Construction Sectors. From Nuclear Manufacturing, Aerospace assembly fixtures to Subsea Bespoke Fabrication, we specialise in all sizes and types of engineering and fabrication & mechanical assembly projects, our services cover full Turnkey Engineering Projects to single machined or fabricated components.

We are able to handle engineering and fabrication projects for up to 30 tonnes on a single lift and 45 tonnes on a dual lift. We provide complex and high integrity fabrications for any industry, including Nuclear, Defence, Subsea sectors along with Aerospace Fixtures where we will be able to meet your needs and provide a number of high level skilled personnel and processes including welding and high level quality control. Full material traceability complete with a comprehensive life time record (LTR) of all manufacturing processes and materials are all part of the service provided.