Invest In Large Precision Machining, Welding And Engineering Services

Finding the solutions to your machining and engineering requirements will mean discovering a team who can support your needs. We have the qualifications and experience at Oldham Engineering Limited to provide you with the services that you need.

From large precision machining and welding services through to bespoke projects led by us from start to finish, we are able to help guide you towards the right end.

Our professional engineering team can boast a range of benefits to suit your requirements. Over the years we have been tasked with a vast array of machining and engineering projects that have called upon our experience and expertise.

Why choose Oldham Engineering Limited?

We possess two of the best welding qualifications, EN1090 and 3835 part 2, which allow us to cover a wide variety of sectors.

This is one of the main points of interest for customers coming to us. Whether you are based in the world of nuclear, defence, power generation, subsea, construction, mining, transportation and everything in between, we can find a solution suited to your needs.

To ensure that we offer the right service to every team that we come across, our team at Oldham Engineering Limited will provide a complete consultation with you. This will help to uncover how our services can be moulded to your needs for a cost-effective and professional result.

Discover more about machining and engineering capabilities by getting in contact with us today.