Nuclear Containment Boxes

Do you require professional Nuclear Turnkey Solutions for your business endeavours? By seeking the expertise of our team here at Oldham Engineering, you will be able to gain the quality nuclear manufacturing you require. We maintain a positive reputation for our ability to provide an outstanding standard of engineering for medium and heavy engineered products.

Whether you require a number of nuclear engineering services or something as specific as nuclear containment boxes or nuclear decommissioning engineering; then allow us to help with our state of the art engineering facilities and techniques.

Nuclear Containment Boxes are just one of the many Large Fabrication projects we complete for clients in the nuclear industry. They are reinforced structures typically made from steel plate or castings. They’re used as a preventative measure designed to contain radioactive materials.

We’ve completed an array of engineering projects, ranging from complex one-off projects for Subsea companies to batch machining for the Nuclear and Defence industries. Our engineering team enjoy the challenges that they can often present themselves with the nuclear sector, and they will always step confidently up to the plate to provide Complex Bespoke Engineering solutions for any project.