Nuclear Decommissioning Engineering

At Oldham Engineering we have gained recognition for our nuclear decommissioning engineering and offer a leading service in the sector. Nuclear manufacturing and nuclear decommissioning engineering are hugely important branches of our company and have been since we first began in 1861. We have constructed a variety of products for the nuclear industry, and our projects have helped facilities to prosper, stay safe and create energy. From custom-made vent covers to decommissioning equipment for the safe disposal and control of used nuclear products, we offer vast experience and quality in our ranks.

Our engineering solutions and fabrication capacity provides equipment across the globe. With engineering facilities in Oldham and Sheffield, we can meet the strictest demands whilst still retaining the highest quality. Not only do we offer quality engineering for our nuclear clients across the world, we also provide a wide range of engineering services for a number of key industry sectors, including Aerospace, Subsea and the Oil & Gas industries.

We are one of the engineering companies who are a key supplier to the Defence and Nuclear Industry, and therefore are an associated member of the Nuclear AMRC and fully committed to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s supply chain charter.

Each of our processes and procedures is documented to ISO, BSEN, AWS D1.1 and ASME IX standards, and carried out using a wide range of materials, including carbon steel, carbon steel LT50, high strength steel, stainless steel, Duplex 2205 and even Super Duplex S355G10.